We are Dynamic Credit

Dynamic Credit is an innovative asset management and direct lending firm. Founded in 2003, we believe that a better matching of savings and credit leads to a more prosperous and sustainable society.

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Dynamic Credit's mission is to create a better match between savings and credit, for a more prosperous and sustainable society. That match is made by creating investable products with good returns, while offering a faster, smoother and lower-cost product to borrowers.

Dynamic Credit - Values & Principles

Values & principles

At Dynamic Credit we positively challenge ideas, seeing the opportunities others don’t. We anticipate the needs of our clients and aim to strike the perfect balance between interests of our investors and borrowers, always acting in a deeply ethical manner, being open in the way we connect with our customers.


Founded in 2003

Dynamic Credit started in New York as a fixed-income asset management firm in 2003, extending their services with an advisory practice in the following years.

International expansion began in 2009, when the Amsterdam office was opened. From there, Dynamic Credit grew exponentially, eventually becoming the full-service asset manager and direct lender it is today.

Dynamic Credit - History
Dynamic Credit - Governance


Boards, shares and regulations

Dynamic Credit Group (DCG) comprises the asset management and direct lending firm Dynamic Credit, and the investor services platform LoanClear. In December 2017 DCG entered into a strategic partnership with Aegon, who has become a 24.5% shareholder. Dynamic Credit is fully licensed and is regulated by Dutch, Irish and Indonesian financial market authorities.

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in three different continents

89 Employees


15+ Years

specialized in alternative fixed income

Meet our board

Tonko Gast, CEO
Tonko Gast

Founder and CEO

In 2003 Tonko founded Dynamic Credit in New York and is CEO of Dynamic Credit Group and a (statutory) director of the licensed companies in group.

Tonko started his career as fixed income analyst in 1998. In 2000 he joined ABN AMRO Asset Management as an alternative fixed income portfolio manager, managing $250 million in institutional mandates.

During the global financial crisis in 2008-2009 Tonko advised the Dutch Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance on the solution for the US mortgage issues ING Bank was facing on a $39 billion portfolio. This advice was subsequently examined by a Parliamentary Inquiry Commission and gave the taxpayer a positive return of €1.4 billion.

Tonko studied Monetary Economics at the University of Groningen and continued his studies of Credit Risk Modeling at Stanford Business School in 2000.

Daan Potjer - COO
Daan Potjer


As COO, Daan is responsible for making Dynamic Credit grow in a robust way.

Daan has been at Dynamic Credit from the start of the turn from a focused asset management company into a full-service asset manager/direct lender. He is driving the expansion of services, both commercially and organizationally, and the growth of the company itself. Daan is a member of the Management Board of Dynamic Credit Group and a (statutory) director of the licensed companies in group.

Before joining Dynamic Credit, Daan worked, in Amsterdam and London, at ABN AMRO Asset Management as Head of Tactical Asset Allocation, at Aehtra Asset Management as Managing Partner, and as a director of the bakery of his father-in-law, Broodbakker Simon Meijssen.

Daan holds a master’s degree in Economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science on an Erasmus Scholarship. He is an Associate of the UK Society for Investment Professionals (ASIP) and a full member of the CFA Institute UK.

Our services

Leveraging our multi-channel expertise to create a better match between savings and credit

Asset Management

Offering services in both single- and multi-strategy asset management, we deliver attractive returns to investors.

Direct Lending

As a full-service direct lender, we offer loan origination, distribution, and service to consumers and businesses seeking good loans.