Our History


15 years of experience

Initial focus

Dynamic Credit was founded in 2003 in New York as a fixed income asset management firm. After an initial focus on managing securitized loan portfolios for institutional investors, Dynamic Credit started an advisory practice. This led to advising the Dutch State on their support for ING Bank in 2008.

International expansion

International expansion began in 2009, when the Amsterdam office was opened. From there, both asset management and advisory services were provided to institutional parties like pensions funds, insurance companies, banks and the capital market.

Shift to a full-service asset manager and direct lender

In March 2014, the company transformed into an asset management/direct lending firm by launching the first mortgage loan mandate of the Netherlands. This was followed in July of that year by a second mandate, and in June 2015 by a third. In December 2015, Dynamic Credit set up the first online mortgage distribution platform of the Netherlands under its own label: bijBouwe. Funding for this label comes from pension funds, insurance companies, banks and the capital markets.

In June 2016, DCG launched the LoanClear investor servicing platform and loan marketplace. LoanClear facilitates loan investments by institutional investors in granular loans, both from marketplace lenders and bank originators. Through its loan marketplace it helps create liquidity in loan investments.


Dynamic Credit wanted to offer its asset management strategies, which were previously run as managed accounts, to a wider group of institutional investors. To this end, the Dynamic Credit Funds ICAV, an Irish AIFM regulated fund umbrella, was launched in August 2017. Currently, the focus is on the Diversified Loan Fund, which offers seamless and scalable access to granular personal and SME loans selected from high quality lender.


Currently, Dynamic Credit has over € 10 billion in assets under management from pension funds, insurance companies and banks. The strategies of asset manager and direct lender Dynamic Credit include Dutch mortgage loans, Dutch consumer buy-to-let, US and European marketplace loans and global asset-backed securities (ABS). In 2022, BNP Paribas Asset Management became a majority shareholder, which saw Dynamic Credit join their Private Assets investment division as an independent entity under the leadership of CEO and founder Tonko Gast, extending Dynamic Credit’s distribution networks across Europe.