Dutch Residential Mortgages

Dutch Residential Mortgages

Offering institutional investors access to residential mortgage loans in The Netherlands using our proprietary mortgage lending platform bijBouwe.

  • Portfolios tailored to the investor preferences
  • Unique liquidity options
  • Experienced and trusted advisor on mortgage loans

The Dynamic Credit collective mortgage investment program offers institutional investors tailored ways to invest in prime Dutch mortgage loans. This offers flexibility in choosing the optimal mix of mortgage exposure in terms of risk and duration, whilst keeping costs at a minimum and providing unique liquidity options. This ensures investors are in control of their investment when investing in Dutch mortgage loans.

Investors have their own pool of newly originated mortgage loans, with no risk of sharing with, or dependency on, other investors. Due to its direct lending channel bijBouwe.nl, Dynamic Credit ensures true duty of care to borrowers throughout the lifecycle of the loan. Dynamic Credit is unique in offering a wide range of possibilities of selling (parts of) portfolios, offering investors a one-stop mortgage loan investment mandate. In addition to the collective mortgage investment program, Dynamic Credit manages several specific mortgage mandates.

Extensive experience with Dutch mortgages

Dynamic Credit currently has over € 10.5 billion in commitments from pension funds, insurance companies, banks directly and via capital markets. Next to being an asset manager, Dynamic Credit is also a trusted advisor on mortgage loans investment portfolios, and can provide you with tailor-made valuation, transaction and related advisory services.


Providing easy modules for financing and realisation of sustainable home improvements as part of the standard mortgage offering, Dynamic Credit is a front-runner in promoting sustainability through mortgage loans. Dynamic Credit provides its investors with insight into the sustainability and the estimated carbon footprint of their portfolio.

Portfolio Manager

Jasper Koops
Jasper Koops - Head of Portfolio Management Direct Lending

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 Anne Mei Poppe - Institutional Sales & Client Management
Anne Mei Poppe
Anne Mei Poppe