IT Support- and Servicedesk Engineer

We are hiring an IT Support- and Servicedesk Engineer, based in Amsterdam, to strengthen the IT Operations team.



Investment Operations Analyst

We are looking for an Investment Operations Analyst who's driven, with a good understanding of financial products and processes. Sounds like you? Apply now!


Working at Dynamic Credit

Dynamic is a diverse company. We are people with different backgrounds, sharing a common goal. We embrace freedom, understanding the responsibility that comes with it. To create a better match between savings and credit, for a more prosperous and sustainable society.

To be Dynamic is always trying to be ahead of the curve, being innovative and entrepreneurial in the way we do business. For you, this means constantly challenging yourself and your colleagues in a positive way. Always staying curious, identifying opportunities.

In this changing world, you need to be agile to be able to keep up and stay ahead. Innovation thrives in a culture of trust, open feedback and non-orthodox thinking. That, combined with team work, reliability and a high pace are what you are looking for, and you find at the core to the Dynamic DNA.

Despite the high pace and the hectic times we live in, you always conduct yourself in an open and transparent manner. Honesty and acting in a deeply ethical way is key. Quality is a requirement, not an option. A strength, not a restriction.

Every day you strive to be better by making the smarter choice, the simpler choice. The ethical choice. By delighting your colleagues and customers, investors and financial advisors.

Welcome to a world full of opportunities. Welcome to the bright side.