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Multi Strategy

Diversified Loan Strategy

Direct loan investments: lending with impact and delivering stable high-yield return through economic cycles.

Single Strategy

Dutch Residential Mortgages

Offering institutional investors access to residential mortgage loan portfolios.

Single Strategy

Dutch Consumer Buy-to-let

Providing a unique entry in a fast-growing market for Dutch consumer buy-to-let mortgage loan portfolios.

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Tonko Gast, CEO
Tonko Gast

Dynamic Credit's history as an asset manager

Dynamic Credit was founded in 2003 in New York as a fixed income asset management firm. After an initial focus on managing securitized loan portfolios for institutional investors, we started an advisory practice. Building on that experience, we grew that business into direct lending. Dynamic Credit now has over € 10 billion in assets under management from pension funds, insurance companies, banks and the capital market. The strategies of asset manager and direct lender Dynamic Credit include Dutch mortgage loans, Dutch consumer buy-to-let, US and European marketplace loans and global asset-backed securities (ABS).