Dutch Consumer Buy-to-let

Dutch Consumer Buy-to-let

Providing a unique entry in a fast-growing market for Dutch consumer buy-to-let (BTL) mortgages.

  • Offering investors buy-to-let loans with an attractive risk-return profile
  • Expanding the private rental sector, critical for an efficient Dutch housing market
  • Access to growing buy-to-let market with great potential

Familiar terrain

The Dutch residential mortgage market is familiar terrain for many (international) institutional investors. Consumer buy-to-let loans (in Dutch: verhuurhypotheken) are similar to owner-occupied loans but with the additional purpose to let to tenants. Dynamic Credit is one of the first lenders to offer institutional investors access to consumer buy-to-let loans.

The Consumer buy-to-let underwriting criteria are highly comparable to those for residential mortgage loans, whilst offering a rewarding premium to investors. We believe our consumer buy-to-let proposition provides institutional investors a unique entry opportunity into a market with large potential for further growth.

A more efficient Dutch housing market

Compared to residential mortgage loans, Dutch buy-to-let is a relatively small and still underdeveloped market. Only 10% of the total housing stock is classified as “private sector rent“, of which a majority is provided through housing corporations, and a small part by private individuals who financed through buy-to-let mortgages. Dynamic Credit believes a larger private rental sector is critical in an efficient Dutch housing market that offers people the choice to buy or rent at affordable prices. At this moment, purchasing a house has become less affordable due to increases in house prices while rental options in the “middle” segment are very limited. We believe that providing potential landlords with affordable, better and more efficient financing options will help in creating a better rental market in the Netherlands.

Dynamic Credit is uniquely positioned to be your partner in accessing the Dutch consumer BTL market. We are an established lender in Dutch residential mortgage loans with over € 10.5 billion in commitments from institutional investors. Our track record shows the ability to use proprietary technology to transform the loan application process, making it more accessible and transparent for borrowers. We have extensive credit and direct lending experience plus the in-house infrastructure that you expect from your asset manager/direct lender.

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Jasper Koops - Head of Portfolio Management Direct Lending

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