Our Mission


Dynamic Credit’s mission is to create a better match between savings and credit for a more sustainable and prosperous society.

What does that mean in practice? There are a lot of ‘locked-up’ savings at institutional investors like pension funds and insurance companies. These investors are seeking interesting fixed income investments, increasingly in ‘good’ loans. On the other hand, there are many borrowers, both consumers and businesses, who are looking for a ‘good’ loan. To finance the purchase of a house, to make investments for their company. In principle both borrowers have the same goal: to make sure the loan, plus interest, is paid back to the lender. Where their interests differ, the height of the interest rate, there is a market.

Expensive balance sheets, difficult loan application processes, and high tariffs often make the relationship between lenders and borrowers difficult. Dynamic Credit wants to change this. By making the match in a better, faster and more cost-efficient way, both investors and borrowers benefit. This will lead to a more prosperous society.

Dynamic Credit also sees that finance has an important part to play in the environmental challenges our society faces. Even though institutional investors are increasingly focusing on sustainable investments, there is a fairly small supply of loans actually promoting it. By encouraging financial decisions that better the environment, thus creating a better match between savings and credit, Dynamic Credit wants to help make our society more sustainable.