Asset Backed Securities

Asset Backed Securities (ABS)

Dynamic Credit offers attractive risk-adjusted returns through a defensive ABS strategy, investments in securitised loan portfolios backed by collateral.

  • Investing in highly diversified loan portfolios through secured bonds
  • Investing mainly in floating bonds, beneficial in a rising interest rate environment
  • Value investing in fixed income, with a defensive profile

The Dynamic Credit Defensive Strategy Fund seeks to invest in high quality, mainly European, asset-backed securities that provide a complexity and illiquidity premium or unrecognized value. The investment strategy targets an attractive risk-adjusted total return via features that can protect downside and enhance upside.

The Fund invests mostly in bonds with a floating rate nature, creating a fixed income investment with low interest rate risk. In a market where interest rates rise, investors will benefit from higher coupons.

Solid track record

The investment strategy of the Fund has been implemented by Dynamic Credit in an investment mandate with a similar investment strategy since 2012. Dynamic Credit has built a solid track record during this period.

Supervision and regulation

The Fund is a sub-fund of Dynamic Credit Funds Irish Collective Asset Management Vehicle (ICAV). The ICAV is supervised by the Central Bank of Ireland and qualifies as a Qualifying Investor Alternative Investment Fund (QIAIF). The Fund is governed by the European Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive and is only open to professional investors.

Portfolio Manager

Tim Jansen
Tim Jansen Portfolio Manager

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