Athora Netherlands and Dynamic Credit announce partnership Athora Netherlands and Dynamic Credit announce partnership

Athora Netherlands and Dynamic Credit announce partnership

Jasper Koops - Head of Portfolio ManagementJasper Koops16 March 2022 at 09:00

Athora Netherlands and Dynamic Credit, a Dutch mortgage provider and asset manager, have entered into a long-term partnership. Dynamic Credit will serve as portfolio manager to the EUR 1.2 billion Athora Netherlands mortgage portfolio, starting March 15th 2022.

As part of the agreement, Dynamic Credit will be responsible for implementing product changes in line with market developments and evolving laws and regulations. Dynamic Credit will also be the point of contact for business partners, including Stater and Hypocasso, on behalf of Athora Netherlands.

Bart Remie, General Manager Operations & IT at Athora Netherlands, says: "Reaal stopped providing mortgages to new customers in 2020. To ensure high-quality services for our existing mortgage customers, we decided to entrust their management to an experienced specialist. In Dynamic Credit we have found a reliable party to oversee the management of the Reaal mortgage portfolio products.”

Reaal's EUR 1.2 billion mortgage portfolio comprises approximately 10,000 customers, which will remain on the balance sheet of Athora Netherlands (SRLEV NV). The partnership will have no consequences for customers with a Reaal mortgage. The known channels remain open for any questions concerning Reaal mortgages and their agreements and terms and conditions will remain unchanged. The team currently responsible for managing the mortgage portfolio will transfer to Dynamic Credit in Amsterdam and continue their work there.