Dynamic Credit Dutch Mortgage Market Report Q4-2019Dynamic Credit Dutch Mortgage Market Report Q4-2019

Dynamic Credit Dutch Mortgage Market Update Q4 2019

Jasper Koops - Head of Portfolio ManagementJasper Koops3 February 2020 at 09:00

An effort is being made to get NHG qualified as a guarantee under CRR and Solvency II which will increase attractiveness of NHG loans for foreign investors.

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NHG guarantee

Changes are proposed to the NHG guarantee for mortgage loans that will lead to recognition as guarantee under Capital Requirements Regulation for banks. For insurers, under Solvency II, this qualification is however not as straightforward. For a loan with a recognized guarantee, the capital requirements under the standardized approach are significantly lower than without such protection. The Dutch Central Bank is trying to make the requirements equal under Solvency II (revisions) and to close the regulatory gap between the bank and insurance regimes.

”Non-eligibility of NHG as credit protection under CRR/Solvency II has been a hot topic recently. Progress towards eligibility has been made for banks as the required adjustments to the NHG guarantee are expected to be implemented in 2020-Q1. For insurance companies using the standard model a bit more work is needed but the required changes are taken into account in the consultation of the 2020 Solvency II revisions”

Jasper Koops

Saturated BTL Market

The BTL market is becoming more saturated while in the fourth quarter of 2019 three new lenders for professional landlords entered the market. This is an interesting development while it followed on a period where new entrants were mostly focused on consumers.

Tight housing supply

The housing supply in the Dutch market remains very tight: quarter-on-quarter availability of houses for sale (a measure for supply) decreased whereas quarter-on-quarter sales (a measure for demand) remained roughly unchanged. Fewer building permits being issued in 2019 is a signal that supply growth from newly built properties will decrease.

Interest rate Netherlands

Across all major risk classes and all major fixed rate periods, the most competitive mortgage interest rates in the Netherlands decreased on average by 11 basis points quarter-on-quarter. NHG rates have decreased more steeply (-15 bps) as a result of foreign banks becoming active in that segment.

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Jasper Koops - Head of Portfolio Management
Jasper Koops
Jasper Koops