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“The Dynamic Credit Defensive Strategy Fund provides the cornerstone for every fixed income portfolio”

Dynamic Credit Defensive Strategy Fund launched

AMSTERDAM, 22 June 2017

Dynamic Credit Funds ICAV, the Irish fund umbrella, has received an AIFM license by the  Central Bank of Ireland and has launched its first fund: the Dynamic Credit Defensive Strategy Fund. Dynamic Credit, the alternative fixed income asset management and direct lending firm, will manage the fund based on its successful Defensive strategy, which invests in highly diversified loan portfolios through secured bonds, with low interest rate risk. The strategy has a solid track record of over 5 years, and a target return of 3 to 6% annually.

The Defensive Strategy Fund invests mainly asset-backed securities, with low interest rate risk, due to the floating rate nature of most of the bonds. The investment philosophy is one of value investing in fixed income, with a defensive profile. The strategy is delivering an attractive and sustainable yield, and has a solid track record of over 5 years. The strategy has an annualized return of 8.7% since inception[1].

The character of the investment (exposure to a highly diversified pool of loans, the secured nature through proper collateral, low interest rate risk) make the Defensive Strategy Fund the cornerstone for every fixed income portfolio.

Since spread is a scarce commodity in the current markets, and it cannot be predicted whether current spread levels will continue, Dynamic Credit believes it is only fair that the management fee for the fund is linked to the actual return the investor makes. The fund therefore innovatively charges a management fee of 10% of the 12-month trailing performance with a floor of 0.25% and a cap of 0.75 % (on an annual basis).

Mike Li, Portfolio Manager of the Defensive Strategy Fund, commented: “The Defensive Strategy Fund offers significant additional spread with little to no interest rate risk which make it an indispensable part of every fixed income portfolio. The perceived complexity and relative illiquidity premia generate a sustainable spread without adding credit risk. The level of credit risk is low due to the secured nature of the bonds and our rigorous stress testing based on actual worst case historical performance of underlying loan risk.”

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Dynamic Credit

Daan Potjer

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About Dynamic Credit

Dynamic Credit is an asset management and direct lending firm specialising in ‘alternative’ fixed income. Founded in 2003, Dynamic Credit has offices in Amsterdam, New York and Jakarta. Dynamic Credit is active across the globe and works for a variety of clients, including pension funds, insurance companies, banks, private equity firms, wealth managers and governments.

Our mission is to create a better match between savings and credit for a more prosperous society. Dynamic Credit is seen as innovative, is growing fast and is trying to understand complexity by making it transparent. Clients choose Dynamic Credit because we give them deep insight and make them truly understand the opportunities in alternative fixed income.

The teams of experts of Dynamic Credit are active in asset management, direct lending and advisory services. In addition Dynamic Credit has set up the first online mortgage distribution platform in the Netherlands (bijBouwe).

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[1] This rate of return is an annualized rate over the period January 2012 – March 2017 before fees and including cash account of a managed account with a similar strategy as the fund.


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