Asset Management

Dutch Residential Mortgages

Dynamic Credit offers institutional investors access to (residential) mortgage loan origination in The Netherlands using our proprietary mortgage lending platform bijBouwe.

Dynamic Credit offers investors a one-stop mortgage loan investment mandate. 

•       First mover in mortgage investment mandates with over €7.8 billion committed assets under                           management across clients such as insurance companies, banks, pension funds and                       our RMBS (DCDML 2016-I) 
•       Only mortgage company with full online-platform, which has completely transformed the          mortgage process and product
•       Attractive investment with exit strategy in place


Asset Management

ABS and Corporate Credit

Dynamic Credit uses its deep understanding of complex credit markets and structures to deliver attractive risk adjusted returns to its clients.

•      Acknowledged, deep understanding of complex credit markets and structures
•      State-of-the-art analytical tools to dissect the fundamentals
•      Long track record of sourcing attractive returns and performing highly value-added credit         analysis

Dynamic Credit offers a variety of tailored strategies based on individual client’s needs.

Defensive Strategy
The Defensive Strategy is focused on deep value and cash total return. Dynamic Credit helps to unlock persistent illiquidity and (perceived) complexity premium for clients in order to achieve returns in excess of traditional fixed income funds.

The Defensive Strategy is most suitable for clients focused on capital preservation and managing credit risk.

Opportunities Strategy
Dynamic Credit leverages expertise from loan receivables to highly structured investments and has developed a deep-credit based approach to selecting investments and realizing fundamental value.

The Opportunities Strategy is most suitable for clients who want to capture performance-based and event-driven upside with lower leverage and volatility versus traditional hedge funds.

To Defensive Strategy Fund


Asset Management

Collateral Management

Dynamic Credit offers an established and transparent collateral management service for asset-backed transactions. 

Since 2004 Dynamic Credit has managed numerous new issue transactions and acted as replacement collateral manager for several transactions. Most recently we took over the collateral management of the Strawinsky I CLO. The highly qualified investment team in structured credit and loan markets has been honored with several nominations for "Manager of the Year" in industry publications. 

The team is supported by a framework of effective risk and operational controls to guarantee consistency in all of our processes and compliance with structural transaction language.

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